Every once in a while, life throws us curveballs. My nameis Nina Alves, with ShapeUp Homes, Inc here in San Antonio, TX area. If you have a problem property or a troublesome situation, I may be able to offer you an opportunityto wash your hands of a less than desirable property situation. Do any of these situations sound familiar?? Vacant House? Repairs Needed? Fire Damaged? Divorce? Bad Tenant(s)? Behind on Payments? 100% Financed? Estate SaleI am prepared to buy your house AS-IS. . . and will pay you ALL CASH. Size, location, condition, it doesn't matter- even if you have little or no equity. I will even pay ALL the closing costs for you. We are looking for properties inSan Antonio and the surrounding area, can pay cash, and close quickly.Advantages of working with us